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Book by Sophie Lazarou & Associates:


As a special promotion and another opportunity to support female entrepreneurship, for every six or more books purchased, you will receive a FREE custom-made upcycled, reversible children’s book bag made by a dear friend. Amy found herself with more time after losing her job during the pandemic and as a result, started her own business working alongside her beautiful, brilliant, and brave mother, Linda. Amy and her mother have been sewing together since she was 6 years old. They are currently working on a community quilt for a children's hospice and are committed to having a community project as part of their business model. A portion of every item sold is going towards Club Sandwich -- a volunteer-run initiative that provides sandwiches to locals with food insecurities. For more information, check out @meandmahdesigns on Instagram. 

I am Beautiful….and I Know it (for the young child)

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