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Strength-Focused Practices/The Power of Mindfulness/Finding Your Flow

Positive Thoughts & Behaviours/Positive Feedback & Affirmations

Gratitude & Optimism/Celebrating the "Wins"/Life Satisfaction


Positive Psychology is grounded in the advancement of well-being and optimal functioning and through a shift in approach or adjustments to things like environment, beliefs, habits, behaviour, etc., the mind can begin to create changes and pivots toward increased levels of more positive outcomes. Through the use of specific strategies, as your Life Coach, I work with you to help you to identify where you are TODAY and help you move closer to your future best self. By learning to uncover and create deeper levels of awareness and releasing or reshaping limiting beliefs, you can begin to create new "anchors" that lead to greater and more "wins" in your life. Because what we know is that the way we think can and does impact mental health and other things like energy levels, motivation, thoughts-patterns, self-regulation, creativity, levels of happiness and joy, as some examples. Do you feel STRESSED? Too BUSY? Not enough TIME? Overly self-CRITICAL? Need support with GOAL SETTING and PLANNING?  Are you looking for more PEACE? A safe SPACE to process your ideas and thoughts? More MOTIVATION? More FOCUS? Because, what I know for sure is that you have a great mind and you CAN make this happen with the right support, and directed effort. You can make the necessary mind-shifts that can produce more optimal outcomes, so let's get started.

Positive Psychology

Shifting Perspective

Strength Focused Approach

The Powerful Mind

Doctorate of Neuroscience and Psychology Mandy Wintink says, "Our BODY documents a lot of what is in our MIND."  Therefore, understanding and acknowledging our inner dialogue can serve to have tremendous outcomes in our lives. And often we can move through life not fully understanding or recognizing that our thought patterns and inner-dialogue are powerful and can have tremendous amounts of influence associated with the outcomes in our life. Therefore, with mindful adjustments and a commitment to learning and reframing thought patterns, we can begin to change thinking and habitual patterns that do not support the building of a life that is happier, more optimistic and more hopeful.

Because, life will happen and things will happen in life; some things in life are amazingly beautiful experiences  while other things we experience may be perceived as things that aren't exactly what we had hoped for or perhaps have perceived as "negative" experiences. However, I believe that all experiences, if we remain open and self-reflective to these experiences can serve as lessons and valuable information, because what is within our control is how we respond to these experiences or learn to understand the people who do not serve to lift you UP. Because making the choices and taking the action to surround yourself with people and experiences that celebrate your successes and "wins" requires NO apology. So I ask you: Are you living your best life?

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