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The Healthy Union/Effective Communication & Listening Skills
Playfulness Lasting a Lifetime/Building & Sustaining Equal Partnerships
Focusing on The Value of Your Contribution/The Worthy Test
Intimacy is Part of the Puzzle/Understanding Life Choices

Expending the time and energy toward building yourself up and elevating your partnership is powerful. Investing and prioritizing a fulfilling intimate relationship begins with understanding each other and investing in a lifetime of FUN. A lifelong practice of playfulness rooted from a place of kindness, decency and respect. From these important points, we discover elements of truth, communication and personal desires and how best to begin to carve out individual needs while maintaining a mutually progressive and enhancing partnership, together. Learning important aspects to share, exchange and understand within a safe, loving and functional intimate relationship will create DYNAMIC unions that are not only powerful & stabilizing but also thrilling & exciting. From this point, we move to aligning our individual thoughts and ideals and examine ways to mutually merge and combine our individual desires & goals to an even greater powerhouse of support, stability and love. Healthy relationships are dynamic and require change, therefore how best can we learn to evolve as individual human beings while bringing those, carefully selected, along for the ride, is a TRIP worth taking.

Romantic Couple Enjoying View

Love IS that Powerful

The Power of the Intimate Union

Your Individual Gifts

Understanding your contributing STRENGTHS

I love marriage and I believe in the institution of marriage and the power of LOVE. Married to my high school sweetheart I understand, firsthand, the tremendous benefits of cultivating an intimate and equitable partnership that is healthy, functional and representative of a lifelong commitment.  Positive psychologist and author Martin Seligman, in the book "Authentic Happiness" writes that "perhaps the single most robust fact about marriage across many surveys is that married people are happier than anyone else. Further, "marriage is a more potent happiness factor than satisfaction with job, or finances, or community." pp. 454/5.

So how do we stay connected and balanced through the progression and sustainability of a mutually respectful intimate partnership? What does a HEALTHY and functional relationship mean or even look like? How do we learn to effectively give support and equally learn how to take support? How do we give empathetic responses that will build solid and trusting connections? How do we share vulnerabilities and fearful thoughts? What does marriage mean to you? What does effective communication look & feel like to you? What is your definition of RESPECT? How do you love? These can be very insightful questions in need of addressing toward creating functioning, balanced and mutually-rewarding intimate partnerships.


BALANCE. INTIMACY. RESPECT. EQUALITY. TRUST. TRUTH. GROWTH. LOVE. FUN. LUST. LAUGHS. JOY. Building healthy partnerships that make the most sense for you might be some of the best investments you will ever make. Because, healthy partnerships can have influence on raising healthy and happy children which can add to increased levels of self-confidence and cultivating healthy and dynamic lifestyles. It's ALWAYS the right time to invest in your marriage. It's going to be FUN, and rewarding on so many levels. 

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