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Unconditional Active Listening/Goal-Setting Strategies & Tools/Self-Care Plans

Personal Manifesting & Mindset Awareness/Motivation & Excavation/Limiting Beliefs

Signature Strengths/Understanding Your Value/Intentions, Purpose & Action


A solution-focused relationship between YOU and working with me as your Life Coach, someone who will always be your sounding board and who will listen to you unconditionally, without judgment. We will work, in partnership to help you get moving in the direction toward living the best version of yourself.  What you can expect from me is someone who will LISTEN to you. Someone who will seek to HEAR you and help you to navigate where you are right NOW in your journey by asking contemplative and thoughtful questions, we begin to address and identify obstacles or other barriers that may be holding you back from where it is you still have left to go. Because in life, in relationships, in work, in wellness and healthy living, feeling your best self gets you closer to living the life that you CHOOSE to live. Are you Ready?


1:1 Life Coaching

Virtual - Online Sessions

Telephone Sessions

In-Person Sessions

YOU are the best expert of yourself and sometimes what we might need is a little extra support and self-reflective tools that can help us gain the forward momentum to develop ways to learn how to prioritize yourself and to learn ways to implement new habits that can help identify thought-patterns or perceptions that may be holding you back. Working with you, utilizing various tools and strategies, such as developing new & revised self-care plans,  adjusting & creating goals, developing & incorporating self-reflective practices, introducing & incorporating visioning and mindful practices and having a safe space to process things can be very POWERFUL and effective. For example, by making certain shifts in habits and perspectives, whether it is to reduce stress, or to create more happiness, or to bridge more functional relationships with your life partner and/or children, begins with YOU. It is your life and I work with you to help you to OWN your power; the power that already exists within you, toward living your greatest and best life can be a very exciting and insightful journey that I know you deserve. With your commitment to working toward achieving whatever it is that you decide you want to work toward and what you determine is best for you, the work can begin. At your own, uniquely-customized pace to suit your comfort level, you can begin to create more purpose, more energy, and more joy in your life. It starts with YOU. Are you ready?

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