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8mm white Tridacna shell matte beads with one Big-Belly Buddha head bead, available in a variety of colours.


Red - strength, bold, leader, vitality, change, passion.

Black - power, sleek, elegance, classic, sophistication, mystery.

Turquoise - wisdom, loyalty, integrity, feminism, communication, good luck.

Orange - confidence, creativity, resourcefulness, warmth, fun, optimism.

Brown - stability, trustworthiness, foundation, honesty, reliability, reassurance. 

Beige - calm, welcoming, relaxing, serenity, flexibility, dependability. 

Navy - sincerity, security, content, perspective, faith, tranquillity.

Purple (violet) - awareness, intuition, artistry, transformation, distinguished, royalty.

Green - peace, healing, hope, balance, growth, abundance. 

Pink - intuitive, affectionate, insightful, romantic, caring, generous.

Big Belly Buddha (BBB) bracelets with colour coaching

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